MHG Hair Care Tips

MHG Hair Care Tips

1) Change Your Thinking

Before we get into the practical steps to healthy hair care, I would like you to begin to think in a different way. Think of the ways you can save your hair instead of thinking of ways to grow your hair. Growing hair is not the issue here, saving the hair is. Technically, your hair grows on its own with proper care and nutrition. You really are saving the hair that’s growing. If you look at it as savings your hairstrands then everyday you will do whatever it takes to protect your hair and prevent breakage. This in turn will save hundreds of strands until eventually, in due time, you will see these strands grow out into long flowing hair. We have always focused on growing our hair when we should think of it as saving as many strands as possible.

2) Having Healthy hair is a life style

Remember the diet you promised yourself you would follow once you made that New Year’s resolution. This plan can’t be a once a year resolution that you start at the beginning of the year and fall off the wagon by Spring. You can’t expect to keep a toned figure if you are going to down hamburgers and french fries every day. By that same token, great healthy hair must be a plan you consistently follow each and every day.

3) Choose the Right Products for Your Hair

There are some good products out there that can improve the texture of hair, making it more manageable and carefree, but there is no one product that can do everything to grow healthy hair. What will work in growing healthy hair is patience along with consistently using a system of good products, proper maintenance, eating healthy food and applying this system day in and day out.You know those pictures of the long-haired women you see in the windows of the strip mall beauty supply stores, well, your hair won’t look like that if you continue to use the cheaply manufactured products they sell.You will benefit in the long run from buying good quality products. A large majority of the cheap products from strip mall beauty supply stores will leave you with thin dry hair. If you use rollers, check them for quality. Buy quality rollers with a smooth satin finish, not the sponge ones that can pull hair strands, sap the hair of moisture and leave it feeling dry and brittle.

4) Along with Choosing the best Products, Choose the Right Tools and Accessories

Invest in good quality combs and pins. Notwithstanding from the obvious damage that can result from excessive blow-drying, flat ironing and chemical relaxers, using poor hair tools such as smaller toothed combs, combs that are too wide and even fractured bobby pins and hair combs can also result in damage to your hair. Hair accessories that are damaged can snag the hair and cause breakage. The same applies to using combs with smaller teeth that can tangle the hair and cause split ends.

5)Massage to Promote Blood Flow to the Scalp (** Input link from store for Scalp Massager here)

Increasing blood circulation to the scalp using a massager or stream treatment helps promote hair growth by transporting nourishment to the scalp.

In a Huffington Post article, trichologistAnabel Kingsley states, scalp massages help to create a good environment for hair growth.The treatment promotes circulation to the hair follicles. She explains, “Blood flow to the hair cells means healthier hair growing out of your scalp.”“The health of the scalp is vital to the health of the hair,” says Kingsley. “Scalp massages aid in the removal of dead skin cells from the scalp — and a flaky scalp is known to worsen hair loss in certain individuals. It can be very beneficial to those who suffer from scalp conditions such as dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis.”-

6)Use a Good Clarifying Shampoo to Remove Buildup

Clarifying Shampoo is a shampoo used to remove product build-up from the hair. Build up can come from many sources such as conditioners, moisturizers or hard water. I use this particular type of shampoo at least once a month. Clarifying shampoos strip the hair of essentials oils so always follow with a ph balanced shampoo to soften hair and replenish moisture.

7)Take Caution when UsingProtein Treatments

Never use a clarifying or cleansing shampoo in combination with a deep conditioning protein treatment. The cleansing shampoo strips the hair and the deep conditioning treatment harden the hair which if used together can cause breakage. Seek professional help when using the two together.

8)Shampoo in the Shower

I recommend shampooing hair in the shower using a shower attachment to soak hair and to rinse hard to reach areas around the ear area and nap of neck.With your head tilted back, so that your hair is in the position as if you were sitting at a salon shampoo bowl, rinse in the downward direction. When rinsed the hair flows in the direction that you will comb the hair when applying conditioner and styling the hair.Never comb hair forward from the nap of the neck and rinse in the sink. Always keep hair facing the direction the hair will be styled. Never pull your hair to the top of your head when shampooing because this will cause tangling when you start to comb conditioner through your hair.

9)Make Sure to Deep Condition Weekly

Weekly deepconditioning is a step you must not omit from your hair care regime. This essential step protects and coats the hair strands against the harsh elements the hair is subjected to on a daily basis.
I recommend using a hooded dryer and applying heat for at least 30 minutes to allow the conditioner to penetrate the hair’s cuticle. A deep conditioning treatment should be confused with a conditioning protein treatment which should not be performed more than twice a month due to the high protein content.

10) Dandruff Shampoo

Use caution when using a dandruff shampoo due to the fact that it’s very drying. Follow with a moisturizing shampoo to replenish moisture and soften.

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